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Bald Heads
Bald HeadsOver the ages, baldness has been considered a disease. Lately, it has also been followed as a fashion. However, greater numbers of people still feel that a head covered by hair is always more attractive than a bald one.
There are Many Choices for Female Hair Loss Treatment
There are Many Choices for Female Hair Loss TreatmentThere any many different reasons women might suffer from hair loss. One main cause is when a womans body makes more testosterone than it normally does...
Female Pattern Baldness: Diagnosis and Treatments
Female Pattern Baldness: Diagnosis and TreatmentsPattern baldness in women usually occur during early teens and late middle age. Most women with pattern baldness have normal menstruation, normal fertility, and normal endocrine function, including correct levels of circulating androgens. Therefore, they would only need extensive hormonal testing when symptoms and signs of androgen excess become really visible.
Balding Solution for Men and Women
Balding Solution for Men and WomenBoth men and women, are genetically pre-disposed to produce more DHT than the normal individuals. It is this accumulation of DHT and its effect on the cells inside the hair follicle and root which is one of the primary causes of male and female pattern balding.
Hair Transplant Procedures & Costs
Hair Transplant Procedures & CostsSurgical hair transplantation is the only solution for restoring the lost hair in pattern baldness when medical hair restoration does not offer you a good hair re-growth. If you have well-defined areas or patterns of baldness on the crown with healthy dense coverage of hair at the sides and the back of the head, you are probably suitable for a hair transplant surgery.
Common Hair Loss Treatments
Common Hair Loss TreatmentsIf you are a man, it is quite common that you may experience some hair loss in your lifetime.
Chemicals in Shampoo May Pose Health Risks
Chemicals in Shampoo May Pose Health RisksHave you ever read the label on your shampoo bottle? You'll be shocked to learn that the ingredients found in many shampoos may pose a threat to your health.
Importance of Vitamin Supplements
Importance of Vitamin SupplementsNatural vitamin supplements are useful for general health as well as health of hair. Many people take natural vitamin supplements to make up for the lack of nutrition in their food. An antioxidant, vitamin A helps to produce healthy sebum in the scalp. The presence of vitamin B6 prevents hair loss and helps in production of melanin, the pigment which gives hair its color.
Best Male Hair Loss Products
Best Male Hair Loss ProductsThe worse part of getting older is joint aches and loss of hair. Chances of getting bald are more if you are a male and your age is more than 45. Alopecia or male pattern baldness is genetic in character. Medical hair transplants are used by many people every year with surprising results to over come this problem. But hair transplant is the last solution of hair loss problem. Some hair loss remedies are available in the market for hair loss prevention. Moreover, you can stop ...
Propecia Slows Down The Rate Of Hair Fall Significantly And Adds Colour To Your Personality
Propecia Slows Down The Rate Of Hair Fall Significantly And Adds Colour To Your PersonalityPropecia is the first FDA approved drug for treating male pattern hair loss. It regrows hair and stops or reduces further loss. The treatment should be continued to sustain the improvement of the hair growth.
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