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Herbal DHT Blocker
Herbal DHT BlockerHerbal DHT Blocker - If you are a victim of DHT hair loss a herbal DHT blocker might just be your safest bet to over come the problem and salvage what's left of your hair. DHT hair loss affects almost ninety five percent of men all over the world it is the highest factor contributing to hair loss. So how does DHT actually make a man (or woman) lose their hair? The explanation is simpler than the cure, unfortunately.
Hot Tips To Prevent Hair Loss!
Hot Tips To Prevent Hair Loss!While Androgenetic Alopecia is the number one reason why individuals experience hair loss, it is not the only one. Medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, ringworm and fungal infections can cause hair loss. Certain medications such as blood thinners, gout medication, birth control pills and too much vitamin A can cause sudden or abnormal hair loss as can following a crash diet, sudden hormonal changes, chemotherapy and radiation. If you are taking prescription medications,...
Do Natural Hair Loss Remedies Have Any Real Relevance?
Do Natural Hair Loss Remedies Have Any Real Relevance?This article examines whether natural hair loss treatments have anything tangible to offer today.
The Disaster of Hair Loss: Take It Easy
The Disaster of Hair Loss: Take It EasyHair loss is an essential problem that almost caused panic over the globe, especially among men. Indeed, statistics show that about 50% of men suffer from baldness and the age groups go down averaging at 30-40. Normally, we lose about 50-100 hairs daily, and the increased number is a significant hint that you should visit a doctor. Yet, it is strongly recommended that you start caring about your hair from early age and try to keep it healthy for as long as possible.
Entice Healthy Hair with Hair Care Tips
Entice Healthy Hair with Hair Care TipsHealthy hair is a mirror to a good health. But due to the velocity of life one tends to skip over health issues leaving apart hair care. Read the article and follow certain tips to achieve manageable healthy hair.
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)Dihydrotestosterone or DHT as it is known is a very potent hormone in the humane body. This hormone DHT is responsible for giving man his male characteristics when he is just a fetus in his mother's womb. It is during the sixth week of pregnancy that DHT stimulates the growth of the male sex organs and stems the growth of the female genitalia.
Hearing Loss Can Be A Great Loss
Hearing Loss Can Be A Great LossIf you or someone you love has started to experience hearing loss, than you know firsthand what a great loss hearing loss actually is. As a physician's assistant, I get to work with people all the time who are dealing with the beginning stages of hearing loss. If you're anything like me, then your hearing is something that you definitely take for granted. You don't think too much about the privilege of being able to hear everything around you because it has simply always b...
Hair Loss: The Causes and Misconception of Male Pattern Baldness
Hair Loss: The Causes and Misconception of Male Pattern BaldnessThere is a lot of false information about male pattern baldness today. This article clears up the misconceptions about hair loss and describes treatments available.
What Is Normal About Hair Loss?
What Is Normal About Hair Loss?This article examines the stages of the normal hair growth cycle and contends that hair loss does not always require urgent remedial action.
The Path To Hair Restoration
The Path To Hair RestorationNormal hair loss is a common occurrence. At any given time, approximately 10% of your hair is dormant and susceptible to normal shedding. The problem is when the shedding is excessive. It is when thinning hair becomes obvious that most people become concerned with hair restoration options. Some of the reasons of abnormal hair loss may include: + Health concerns such as major illness, fungal infections, hypo or hyper thyroidism, and hormone imbalances; + Reaction to m...
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