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What do you need to know about Epilepsy
What do you need to know about EpilepsyAmongst the diseases that have frequently gripped Americans, Epilepsy is also the one. Though epilepsy allows its patients to lead a normal life yet the disease can be fatal due to the unexpected occurrence of seizures.
What Is an Essential Fat?
What Is an Essential Fat?These fatty acids exist in and are used in every cell of your body. So they are crucial to a cell's health and therefore to our health as people. The good news is that in North America, you generally get enough Omega -6 in your diet. Omega-3 has presented a question mark to researchers. Are we getting enough or not?
Learn What Foods Will Infuse Your Body With Energy
Learn What Foods Will Infuse Your Body With EnergyIf 70-80% of your body is water, what does it make sense to eat? Foods which have a 70-80% water content.
New Tool Kit Available to Spouses, Families And Friends
New Tool Kit Available to Spouses, Families And FriendsFor the estimated 28 million Americans who suffer from migraines, these debilitating headaches are often a family affair. While loved ones may not be aware of just how painful migraines can be, a new survey reveals that they are nonetheless affected by the sufferer's condition.
Nutritional Supplements And How They Help Your Health
Nutritional Supplements And How They Help Your HealthFrom ancient times people have been taking nutritional supplements. They started with natural herbs often home grown which were usually brewed into teas and tonics. Now they have become more sophisticated and are available in all sorts of pills, capsules, liquids and of course teas of all sorts. What are nutritional supplements? Nutritional supplements are used to add nutrients to our diets that are missing or not taken in large enough quantities. They are available in ...
Cellulite Treatment:: The Cellulite Checklist
Cellulite Treatment:: The Cellulite ChecklistCellulite is fat that is caught between bands of connective tissue. The fat globules caught underneath the skin tend to create the appearance of bumps and ridges. It is difficult to get rid of, but not impossible. Every woman can reduce the appearance of cellulite if she gets on and sticks to a cellulite reduction program. The following checklist is a list of things that people can do to treat cellulite. Sometimes it's hard to stick to a program, but if a person gets organ...
How to get rid of hay fever
How to get rid of hay feverGet to know how to relieve your hay fever using natural remedies. What is the cause of hay fever.
Treating Acid Reflux The Natural Way
Treating Acid Reflux The Natural WaySo how is Acid Reflux treated? One of the easiest cures for GERD, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, is referred to as life-style changes. This consists of a mixture of changing your routine, predominantly changing your food intake. There are quite a few modifications in eating practices that can be favorable in treating GERD. Reflux is more likely to occur when patients with Acid Reflux lie down. Reflux of acid is more damaging at night than during the day. During nighttim...
Arthritis Pain?How to Avoid Accidental Acetaminophen Poisoning
Arthritis Pain?How to Avoid Accidental Acetaminophen PoisoningDuring cold and flu season, people who take acetaminophen for arthritis are at risk for acetaminophen poisoning. Taking maximum recommended dose of just two acetaminophen-containing products, for instance, a pain reliever and a cold remedy, can cause acute liver failure.
The Symptoms and Side Effects of Effexor
The Symptoms and Side Effects of EffexorEffexor is used primarily for the treatment of depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder in adults. It is known as one of the most activating of the newer antidepressants. While this can be helpful to some, as a number of depressed patients report feeling exhausted and unmotivated, to others it poses the risk of increased anxiety and agitation.
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