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Is their a miracle cure for hairloss?
Is their a miracle cure for hairloss?There comes a time in every man’s life when he starts to lose his hair
Troublesome Dry Skin
Troublesome Dry SkinDry skin can be a blessing but more often it is troublesome. Those with dry skin generally need not worry about blemishes except for the occasional stray that appears from hormonal changes or stress.
Genital wart facts
Genital wart factsGenital wart facts
Reduce Indoor Allergens, Reduce Asthma Attacks
Reduce Indoor Allergens, Reduce Asthma AttacksMinor adjustments to your everyday routine can yield enormous results when it comes to preventing asthma attacks. How you ask. Let?s look at just one kind of asthma. Extrinsic, or allergic, asthma is instigated by environmental triggers. Most childhood asthma falls in the extrinsic category. It is more frequent in boys than girls. Asthma is the most common childhood illness, accounting for 10 million lost school days annually. Asthma affects 5 million children in the U.S. Com...
Acupressure's Sweet Spot - How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar
AcupressureAre you a sugar user? More and more people are resorting to high sugar drinks and snacks for a quick jolt of energy. But the trouble with using sugar for an energy boost, is that it sets up a roller-coaster effect that can soon become addictive and lead to health problems down the line. Recent research has revealed an acupressure point that boosts energy and alertness naturally and with no come down. The Highs & Lows of using Sugar for Energy Soon after a sugar fix you st...
Hair Loss Myths
Hair Loss MythsEliminate hair loss myths and focus on the techniques that really stop hair loss.
Phentermine Makes your Weight Loss Faster
Phentermine Makes your Weight Loss FasterNo pill or medical procedure is better than regular exercises and a controlled diet regimen to lose weight. Phentermine is a pill which augments the process of exercises and the controlled diet program to show the effects faster in your aim for weight loss.
Are you eating yourself to death?
Are you eating yourself to death?Is your current diet killing you quicker? Could your diet be the cause of all your ailments? Is your "healthy" diet making you fat?!
Suffering From Swimsuit-aphobia? Healthy Eating And Exercise May Be Just The Cure
Suffering From Swimsuit-aphobia? Healthy Eating And Exercise May Be Just The CureThey say babies are born with only two intrinsic fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud objects. Especially around this time of year, many women swear there may be one more source of anxiety that scientists simply haven't recognized yet: the fear of trying on, and wearing, a bathing suit.
Brighten Up Dull & Tired Skin
Brighten Up Dull & Tired SkinAs we grow older and are constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun our skin starts to appear dry and dull. This is the result of the outside layer of the skin getting excessive build up and is not exfoliated on a regular basis. Build-up is especially noticed after we have spent the summer in the sun. It?s more apparent to women since we realize that our make-up doesn't look as fresh and our foundation begins to fade within a couple of hours. Our make-up and foundation is a...
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