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Acupuncture For Asthma - Fact Or Fiction
Acupuncture For Asthma - Fact Or FictionDoes acupuncture for asthma work? And is it the right treatment to try for you? Finding out more about both acupuncture and asthma can help make the decisions easier.

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The Quest for Beauty
The Quest for BeautyRead this to learn a little bit of the history of mankind and their quest for healthy looking skin.

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Tinea Ringworm
Tinea RingwormRingworm, aka Tinea, is a very contagious fungal infection that occurs in the skin. Ringworm is very common, this especially true among young children. Ringworm can be spread by skin-to-skin contact, just like it can with contact with contaminated items such as a hair comb. Part of the thing that aids in the quick spread of ringworm is that a person can be infected before they even show any of the symptoms, which means that they are unaware, and have no chance of preventing the spread of the bug

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Sleep Apnea Remedies
Sleep Apnea RemediesSufferers around the globe will be happy to hear that there are sleep apnea remedies that will enable you to regain control over your life. And, it is thanks to these sleep apnea remedies that you will never have to lose another night?s sleep. One of the first sleep apnea remedies to try would include simple steps that you can take, on your own, to help treat the disorder. If you sleep on your back regularly, stop now. Try sleeping on your side instead. This may help to pr...

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7 Reasons to grow your own organic vegetable garden
Ayurveda and The Raw Food Diet
Ayurveda and The Raw Food DietExploring the connections and similarities between Ayurveda and the Raw Food Diet.

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Information About Chromium Supplments
Information About Chromium SupplmentsChromium supplements An essential trace mineral, chromium is needed for the growth and health of the body. Among other things, it is needed for the breakdown of fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Chromium has become the most popular mineral supplement in America, after calcium. It is also one of the most controversial. Chromium offers a mixed bag of good and bad effects. In the positive light, it was reported that chromium supplements would help burn fat and lower blood s...

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Corporations and Corpulence
Corporations and CorpulenceThis article takes a brief look at how corporate America has contributed to the obesity epidemic in the United States of America.

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Weight Loss Tips for Women: 5 Solutions to Staying Slim
Weight Loss Tips for Women: 5 Solutions to Staying SlimWeight regain is not inevitable, but you need to take action to avoid it. Apply these solutions to your life and you will find weight maintenance to be simple and satisfying.

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Writing For Your Weight Loss Success
Writing For Your Weight Loss SuccessMotivation is one of the key variables for the equation that yields long term weight loss success. The question is how do you maintain the motivation to attain the ultimate goal? Regardless if your weight loss goal is 20 pounds or 100 pounds you must change your thinking to change your behavior and writing makes that happen. Weight loss really does begin in your head. Every successful athlete understands that his thinking process is either working for him or against him. T...

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