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Mum - I Have STDSTD, sexually transmitted diseases have been called the 21st century plague. Sexually transmitted disease includes well-known diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis, but also genital warts, genital herpes and chlamydia. The stigma of what used to be called venereal diseases has largely gone, partly because everyone knows someone who has had to visit the STD clinic. Nice girls catch STDs, too. STDs are transmitted by sexual contact. The more people you have sexual conta...
Syphilis And The PopeSyphilis is a common and well known sexually transmitted disease (STD). Sexual intercoarse is the most common of 3 possible ways to contract it. If it is not transmitted sexually, it is possible, but rare, to get an infection through direct contact. Your body will also accept the disease from your birth mother. This is called congenital syphilis.
Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) guideSexually transmitted diseases are escalating nowadays when more people have started entering into multiple sexual relationships. They might not consider this ethically wrong but the fact remains that such people are more prone to sexual diseases
Condyloma aka Genital wartsGenital warts is a very contagious disease that is sexually transmitted. The disease is caused by various variants of the Human papillomavirus. Usuall these are the HPV 6 and the HPV 11. it is spread during oral, genital, or anal sex with someone who is infected with the virus. Approximately two-thirds of people who have anyone single sexual contact with someone who is infected with genital warts will develop warts. The disease normally develops within three months of contact.
Common S.T.D. Symptoms and Treatment for Chlamydia, Herpes and HepatitisInformation and resources about the common std's Chlamydia, Herpes and Hepatitis. A look inside sexually transmitted diseases and how to protect yourself.
Herpes- Protect Yourself From Genital HerpesGenital herpes is one of the most contagious diseases. It is a STD- Sexually Transmitted Disease. Any sexual encounter with an affected person can get you genital herpes.
HPV VirusHuman Papilloma Ciruses (HPV) is a virus that infects humans. Some of the effects of the virus are associated with sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).
What are Genital Warts?Do you want to raise money for your school, Fire Company or perhaps you want to have a great time at a party? You can have fun with a dunk tank and raise money at the same time.
Hepatitis A is preventableHepatitis A is an enterovirus that is transmitted by a orofecal route. A root such as contaminated food is an easy way for Hep A to be transmitted. The virus causes an acute form of hepatitis and as a result does not contain a permanent stage. Once a person is infected their bodies immune system will make antibodies against the virus that confer immunity against future Hepatitus A infection. Currently a vaccine is available that can prevent infection from hepatitis A for life.
The In and Out of StdA Deep look into the realm of std's. Sexually transmitted disease information everyone should know. Concerns safe practices and common treatments.
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