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Weight_Loss / The Dieters Survival Guide For Holiday Parties

The Dieters Survival Guide For Holiday PartiesIf you have been watching your weight all year, you certainly won't want to add back the pounds during the holiday season! By making a commitment to yourself and your health, with these tips it will be possible to enjoy the holiday celebrations without adding extra pounds. 1. Don't think diet, rather think about eating smarter. 2. Before attending a party, have a small high quality, nutritionally balanced meal. That way you will be less likely to be hungry and fill up on snack foods served with drinks. 3. While at a party, determine to hold your drink in your dominant hand all evening. This will make it a little less convenient to reach for food. 4. Think of one daily indulgence, rather than a 'day of indulgence'. 5. Before attending a party resolve to snack only from fresh fruit and vegetable choices. 6. If you must have a taste of chips and other 'dry' snack foods, alternate with fresh vegetable crudit?s. It is quite difficult to mix the tastes, so you are likely to eat more slowly and eventually give up. When that happens stick to the fresh food choices. 7. Choose between an alcoholic beverage, a dessert or a 'sinful' main course, rather than indulging in all three. Rotate your choice when you have several events to attend. 8. Choose almonds, pecans and walnuts, eating individually and slowly. This way you can avoid handfuls of salted peanuts or cashews. 9. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime, or a vegetable juice dashed with a chili sauce. (c) Kim Beardsmore

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